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The Grill Pod

Outdoor Entertainment Centre

Grill Pod Intro

The Grill Pod is our creation, It’s a one of a kind outdoor  bespoke entertainment centre built to your specification of our optional extras which comes with high quality Mont Alpi kitchen appliances, extractor fan, remote roller door and a variety of additional media extras for your convenience.

The Grill pod standard size is 4m x 1.6m. All Grill pods will be delivered pre-assembled which must be  craned into position. All that is required of you is to have a concrete base, electric power and water supply! (all info supplied with a welcome pack)

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Pod Options

Choice of

-Exterior & Interior Wall cladding

-Kitchen Appliances (Modular)

-Media hardware

-Extra electrical outputs

- LED color changing lights


Insulated Roller Door with auto stop sensors (Child Friendly)

Insulated exterior walls finished with decorative composite cladding.


Optional supply


-Concrete base

-240v electric supply

-Gas supply

-Water supply

 -Cat 5 cable (optional)

-TV cable (optional)



Get to know us

We, as a small family-run business enjoy our family get-togethers throughout the year. But unfortunately with our unpredictable weather changes it is not always possible to arrange such activities.  

With 30+ years of experience within the construction industry and our eye for design, we have created this new outdoor entertaining concept that we would like to share.

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Exceptional Quality

Eco-Friendly Design

24/7 Support

Multilingual Functionality

Advanced Tech

First-Rate Materials

Licensed Professionals

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